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Wooden Pallets

At Omega Hardwoods, we are one of the top pallet suppliers in Minnesota. Our pallet company has been a top supplier of consistent quality and efficient delivery of wooden pallets in Minnesota and the entire Midwest for nearly 30 years. Over 125 different sized pallets are manufactured at our plant in Menahga, Minnesota.

We offer the following added-value services:

  • Competitive quotes
  • Pallets free of wood dust
  • Color coding
  • Custom stenciling or stamping
  • Secure pallet stacks with banding
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Drop trailer services
  • ISPM 15 Certification


Red oak, white oak or birch are used for projects requiring strength and durability. We can accommodate your higher, weight requirements.


SPF (spruce, pine, fir) is the best choice for projects that need to meet sanitary regulations for the food industry or for international shipping of goods


Omega Hardwoods also has pallet stock or components for sale. As with the assembled pallets, the components are available in heat-treated pine, hardwoods like oak and birch or the less expensive and lighter weight aspen. Stringers, boards, as well as slats for packaging are all available. Contact us with your needs to receive a quote for your components order.

Custom Projects

One size doesn’t fit all. That’s especially true when it comes to wooden pallets. Custom sizes and custom service have been foundational keys to our longevity and success. Our customers know that we don’t shy away from orders that require special handling. We are here to meet your needs for the everyday, standard orders as well as those occasional projects that require a more personal touch. If you’re not sure if we can do it, call us. We will do our best to service your needs.

Kiln Dried Heat Treated (KDHT)

Our sanitary, food-grade pallets have been kiln dried and heat treated to be in compliance with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15). This means we can supply industries requiring high sanitation levels and also industries which ship products across international borders and to countries overseas. Our process is continuously reviewed for compliance to current standards and meticulously documented for quality assurance purposes.

Industries Served

Omega Hardwoods is a top pallet supplier for manufacturers in almost every industry. Whether you need light duty or heavy-duty pallets, standard sizes or custom orders, it is likely that we have fulfilled a similar order in the past for other companies in your industry. The list below is just a small sampling of the industries we can service. 




Building Materials



Food Industries

Masonry & Stone



Paper Products





Tool & Die

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Many people are surprised to learn that wooden pallet manufacturers offer a very eco-friendly service to the forest product industries. Rather than “wasting” natural resources on the creation of shipping components, our industry is actually eliminating waste. Here’s how that works.

When lumber is milled, it is also graded. Some lumber doesn’t meet the grade for residential or commercial construction. This industrial lumber is what we use for pallet stock and the wood pallets for sale from our company.

The smaller wood waste from our plant is also strategically used. Some is ground up into sawdust and is sold to local farmers for dry animal bedding; whatever is left is used to fuel the furnaces at the plant. Omega Hardwoods is proud of the part we play in resource conservation for the forest products industry.

Meeting Your Unique Shipping Needs

Can you put a rush on that?

We hear that all the time at Omega Hardwoods. Things happen fast in the manufacturing world. We understand that. We’ve learned how to keep our production and shipping process flexible for just that reason. We will always go the extra mile to fulfill your order, even when it has a short timeline.

Can you meet international shipping regulations?

Yes, we can! We are a certified ISPM15 pallet manufacturer and can fulfill product orders that meet the specifications for crossing any international border, both in North America and overseas.

To learn more about the industry leading pallet supplier in Minnesota, call us today.

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